The Harvey Weinstein scandal has spawned dozens of lawsuits in state and federal court. One of the more bizarre legal subplots involves Aaron Filler, a neurosurgeon turned attorney who briefly represented actress Paz de la Huerta, one of Weinstein’s many accusers.

The highlight of Filler’s representation came on Nov. 9, 2017, when he was interviewed about the allegations on “Megyn Kelly Today.” He claimed that De la Huerta had been contacted by another attorney, who was in fact acting as a secret agent for Weinstein. Filler alleged that the attorney, Michael Rubin, was trying to get hold of De la Huerta’s therapy records on Weinstein’s behalf.

Filler was subsequently dropped by De la Huerta, who chose to be represented by attorney Carrie Goldberg. In January, Filler sued Rubin, accusing him of trying to steal his client and of trying to thwart the Manhattan D.A.’s investigation into De la Huerta’s allegations.

At the time, Rubin said that he had never met Weinstein and was not working on his behalf. He added that Filler was simply upset that he had lost the client, and he threatened to sue Filler for defamation. Rubin has now made good on the threat, filing a $2 million suit against Filler on Wednesday in New York Supreme Court.

“Mr. Filler acted with knowledge of the falsity or reckless disregard for the truth in publishing these false statements to a national television audience,” the suit alleges.

According to the suit, Rubin was contacted on Nov. 4, 2017, about representing De la Huerta in a potential civil suit against Weinstein. She had retained Filler, who was advising her on the how to respond to a grand jury subpoena for her psychiatric records. According to the defamation suit, Filler wanted to quash the subpoena. Rubin told her that the D.A.’s office would not prosecute without seeing the records, and she agreed to work with Rubin to provide the records.

Rubin called Filler, telling him not to pursue the motion to quash and advising him that Rubin would handle the issue from there on. On Nov. 9, Filler went on “Megyn Kelly Today” to accuse Rubin of being Weinstein’s spy.

“All public statements I made about Rubin were true,” Filler said Wednesday, in response to Rubin’s suit.

Filler is still pursuing his allegations against Rubin in federal court. He contends that Rubin was working with Black Cube, the private intelligence firm that reportedly worked on Weinstein’s behalf.

“We do not believe there is any other explanation for his actions,” Filler told Variety. “We believe his actions severely impaired the potential for our client’s case to be advanced in the criminal prosecution of Harvey Weinstein.”

Weinstein now faces five criminal charges in New York pertaining to two women. The D.A.’s office has not brought charges related to De la Huerta’s claims, nor has she filed a civil suit.