Nicole Quenqua, senior VP of publicity at the Weinstein Co., announced Tuesday that she is leaving the company.

Quenqua’s departure comes as the company is in the final stages of its sale to Lantern Capital, which is searching for a new management team to try to revive the bankrupt studio. Quenqua joined the company in 2011.

“It’s with a heavy heart, and a lotta baggage, that I walk away from a life changing experience that was both the best and worst of times,” she wrote in an email announcing the move. “I have an immense amount of gratitude for your support throughout these 7 years.”

In January, Quenqua recounted her experience of Harvey Weinstein’s downfall to Vanity Fair. She said that Weinstein looped her in about a week before the New York Times published its expose, and assured her that “Everything’s going to be fine. I didn’t do anything wrong. I mean, I might have done some things that are immoral. But I didn’t do anything that was illegal.”

Quenqua told the magazine she was unprepared for the fallout.

“I thought the Times article was going to be bad, but I didn’t have a clue about the extent and severity of the accusations,” she told the magazine. “When I got the ‘push’ notification and I read that story at my desk, my mouth dropped open and there were tears. I was shocked and shaking. Then Harvey called. I couldn’t believe he was calling me.”

She said that Weinstein wanted her PR team to help respond to the crisis. “My team? No, my team’s not coming over,” she said.