Creative Artists Agency (CAA) has signed British rock band Muse for international representation, with the exception of North America, South America, and Australia.

The group formed in 1994 and released the first of its seven albums in 1999. Helmed by singer/guitarist/keyboardist Matt Bellamy with bassist Chris Wolstenholme and drummer Dominic Howard, the group hews an unusual fusion of commercial rock and progressive flourishes that often recall early Queen; its lyrics often include conceptual, sometimes paranoid Orwellian visions of an apocalyptic, oppressive future with governmental control and technology run amok. The band’s fourth album, 2006’s “Black Holes and Revelations,” was a creative breakthrough that it has built on ever since.

Its following in the U.S. is strong but modest compared with its audience overseas: The group plays stadiums in Europe and South America, and its most recent album, 2015’s “Drones,” debut at No. 1 in 21 countries (including the U.S.). According to a press release, the group has sold more than 20 million albums worldwide; it has also won two Grammys and two Brit Awards. Bellamy was engaged to actress Kate Hudson for four years; the pair have a son, Bingham.

The group is set to tour Europe this summer, including festival dates at Lisbon’s Rock in Rio and Germany’s Rock am Ring and Rock im Park, as well as Mexico’s Pa’l Norte.