Elektra Records founder Jac Holzman has launched a new venture that is nothing if not self-evident: cosmic ringtones, 29 tracks “inspired by a celestial body or phenomenon of the universe,” produced by Holzman and aimed at the global ringtone market. It is out through Holzman’s own FM Group Music label, distributed by ADA, Warner Music Group’s independent services division. The project’s full title is “Cosmic Ringtones & Sonic Realms… Your Universe Is Calling” and it includes pieces performed by Holzman’s son Adam.

The project is billed as a “the 21st century successor” to Holzman’s influential 13-album series of “Authentic Sound Effects” released in the early 1960s, which provided the funding to launch Elektra’s sister label, Nonesuch. Several years ago, he noticed that tracks from the albums were being downloaded as ringtones.

“I decided that having a theme-based collection, created specifically for the ringtone market, was the ticket forward,” he said. “I’ve always been interested in astronomy, and selecting various objects and concepts from cosmology fit the ringtone world perfectly.” The album is available digitally and on CD. Three of Holzman’s children and even a grandson are involved with the project in video or social-media capacities. The album cover was designed by Bill Harvey, namesake son of Elektra’s original art director.

Holzman founded Elektra in 1950 as a 19-year-old, initially as a folk label, and ran it until 1973. Over the years he signed Judy Collins, Love, The Doors, Harry Chapin, Carly Simon, Bread, the Stooges, and Queen, and also released many esoteric and non-mainstream recordings.