Peter Simon, photographer and brother of singer Carly Simon, has accused Bill Murray of harassing him at Lola restaurant in Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., last Wednesday night. According to a police report obtained by Variety, Murray said that Simon was “taking pictures of him and harassing him while he was quietly minding his business.”

In the report, Simon claims he was “on assignment” taking photos of people at the restaurant for the Martha’s Vineyard Times when Murray “grabbed him and poured a drink on his shirt.” The photographer later told the Boston Globe that Murray interrupted his photo viewing by allegedly gripping him from behind, turning him around, and shoving him against a nearby door. Simon claims that Murray then threatened to throw him out of the building and physically harm him.

Simon recalled the confrontation to the Globe, alleging that he responded to Murray’s outburst by asking the “Ghostbusters” actor, “Do you know who I am?” referring to his prestige as a celebrity photographer, to which Murray allegedly replied, “Do you know who I am?”

The restaurant’s owner, Katherine Domitrovich, however, has sided with Murray, telling police that she suspected Simon entered the place with the intention of finding and photographing Murray and that he had “no business photographing anyone in the restaurant and was generally annoying,” according to the police report.

Police have since banned Simon from the restaurant upon hearing Domitrovitch’s account, telling him he would be charged with trespassing should he choose to return. If Simon wanted to pursue a counter-report against Murray, an authority at the scene reportedly told him that he could “take out a criminal complaint for assault and battery at the Edgartown District Court.”