“Get a real job!”

Is that a cruel message to give an aspiring artist? Or is it just realistic?

Award-winning commercial DP/director/editor Mark Toia answers that question in the first episode of the new Frame.io Masters Series.

Frame.io’s creative brief for Mark was a single sentence: “Why do you do what you do?”
Mark’s answer, spoken in his own words over breathtaking imagery from his 3-decade-long career, touches on the reasons why many of us got into filmmaking in the first place.

Which is exactly what Frame.io Masters was designed to do: inspire creatives to rediscover their roots or find their unique voice in a crowded and noisy world.

The short film series, produced by the video collaboration leader Frame.io, gives a platform to some of the top creatives in our industry.

“We have given each of the filmmakers selected for the series carte-blanche to make their own film, in their creative voice.” Says Frame.io co-founder and CEO Emery Wells. “These aren’t commercials for Frame.io. These are personal stories, presenting the art and spirit of the filmmaker, as well as a manifestation of what Frame.io is all about: empowering creatives to do their best work.”

This film is the first of many. Learn more about the series at frame.io/masters.