TV Director Allen Baron Accused of Sexually Harassing Assistant

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Allen Baron, a director on ’70s shows such as “The Love Boat” and “Charlie’s Angels,” was sued for sexual harassment on Friday by an assistant who accused him of asking her to touch his penis after he took erectile dysfunction pills.

Anna Victoria Dey said she was hired in September 2017 to work as Baron’s assistant, which involved doing errands and preparing meals. She said that Baron, 91, became aroused after taking Cialis and would ask her to touch him. She said that she repeatedly refused and told him to put his penis away. He also asked her to dry him off after he got out of the shower, the suit states, taking advantage of her kindness to get him to rub his legs and buttocks. Dey said she was fired in January.

Reached for comment, Baron denied the allegations.

“She’s scamming me,” he said. “There’s not a scintilla truth of anything. I’m 91 years old. There was no sexual thing.”

In the complaint, Dey alleges that Baron would brag about his sexual conquests during his years in the entertainment business.

“Baron also claimed to have forced numerous Cuban women to have sexual intercourse with him in exchange for roles in the 1959 movie ‘Cuban Rebel Girls,'” the complaint alleges. Baron was an assistant director on the film. “Baron explained to Dey that any woman who did not perform sexual intercourse with him was ‘guaranteed’ not to get the part.”

Baron also bragged about sleeping with Farrah Fawcett while shooting “Charlie’s Angels” in the late ’70s, according to the suit. Dey also alleges that Baron commented on Harvey Weinstein’s victims, calling them “stupid and money hungry,” and said that he got away with similar conduct because “women knew better.”

Dey said she was fired after the two got lost on a trip to a Spectrum cable store to fix his remote.