Serbia, the largest of the countries that made up the now-defunct nation of Yugoslavia, recently increased its cash-rebate filming incentive to 25% of qualified spend. That alone should bring more in production, but Serbia also boasts some achingly picturesque vistas along the Danube river and against the Carpathian mountains.

In addition to its rural and natural beauty, Serbia also boasts a plethora of picturesque old-world villages and the impressive historic stone towers of Belgrade Fortress, an old citadel overlooking the confluence of the Danube with the River Sava.

Specifically, Serbia’s incentive offers a 25% cash rebate on Serbian spend. It is open for applications year-round.

To qualify, producers must meet certain minimum spends. For films and TV series, the floor is set at 300,000 euros, or about $369,000 in U.S. currency. The minimum per TV episode is 100,000 euros, or approximately $129,000 in U.S. currency. And for animated film and post-production projects, the minimum spend is set at 150,000 euros, or about $184,000. There is no project cap.

Recent film or shows shot in Serbia include: “Incoming” (2018), TV series “McMafia” (2018 to present), “Tau” (2017), “The Forest” (2016), “Newcomer” (2015), “Everly” (2014), “The November Man” (2014), “3 Days to Kill” (2014), “Lockout” (2012) and “The Raven” (2012).

25% Cash rebate on Serbian spending
369K Minimum spend for
films and TV series
$129K Minimum per TV episode
$184k Minimum for animation and post-production projects
Information courtesy of EP Financial Solutions, a production incentive consulting and financial services company.