Camera and lighting specialist ARRI Rental has forged an alliance in Hungary with one of the country’s leading production facilities, Origo Studios, which has hosted movies like “Blade Runner 2049” and “Atomic Blonde.”

ARRI Rental has had a base in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, for seven years, but in November it opened a new 2,400 square meter facility, close to Origo Studios, on the outskirts of Budapest.

In recent years, Hungary has established itself as the second-biggest production hub in Europe, second only to the U.K., following the setting up of the Hungarian Film Fund under Commissioner Andy Vajna, and the offer of a 25% production incentive.

Martin Cayzer, chief executive officer of ARRI Rental, said: “Relationships are the key to this business, and by building alliances with like-minded partners in the territory we have assembled a firm infrastructure that provides an incomparable production experience, beginning with our innovations in camera, lighting, and grip services.”

Clemens Danzer, director of international sales, ARRI Rental EU, added: “Our strategic alliance with Origo Studios is a natural next step to our ongoing, successful collaborations in Budapest supplying premier rental equipment on projects like ‘Blade Runner 2049,’ which was brought into the territory by Mid Atlantic Films. The pact is a win-win on being able to deliver turnkey, state-of-the-art equipment and services to our clients, which is ARRI Rental’s top priority, 24-7.”

Origo’s head of production services, Mihály Korom, said: “ARRI Rental’s presence in the country is a key factor in our overall client satisfaction. Its close proximity to Origo Studios allows our clients to maximize these synergistic effects. The recent Preferred Vendor Agreement between ARRI Rental and Origo Studios further increases the brand awareness of both companies in our clients’ eyes. This enables our clients to maximize the quality and value of studio-facility, plus camera, grip, and lighting equipment packages.”