Original Pink Power Ranger Amy Jo Johnson Looks Back on ’90s Hit

amy jo johnson power rangers pink

Holy smokes! Here we are 23 years after the inception of your Japanese brainchild, “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.” I wanted to take this opportunity to finally thank you for allowing me to be your original Pink Power Ranger. Now, despite the fact that this was a non-union television series and I was paid peanuts and almost died a few times because of the makeshift low-budget stunts we performed, I am forever grateful. Truly. My time as the Pink Ranger not only became the training ground for my future career as a working actress but also, without even knowing it at the time, a way to inspire thousands of little girls to believe that they can be as badass as little boys. That, in itself, is priceless.

I’ve always wondered if you knew how huge the show would become? Was it a fluke or are you a mastermind? I personally had no idea what was about to happen that fall of 1993. Remember the time you flew us all to Hawaii for our first live appearance? This was maybe a month after the show aired and I’m assuming there was no online presence back then to tell us how big it actually was. Well, needless to say, we arrived to the Honolulu International Airport without security and over 10,000 people were waiting to greet us! Yes, Haim, I was almost lei’d to death … literally.

There are a lifetime of amazing memories packed into the 152 episodes and two films I did as Kimberly Hart, your original Pink Ranger. It’s taken me years to fully embrace what that means and discover the impact she had. It was the popularity of that experience that has also helped me raise enough money to create my first feature film, as a director. “The Space Between” is being released this summer and I can only hope to begin to create the sort of legacies you have.

In short, Haim, congratulations on the new “Power Ranger” movie and reinventing your franchise! I must say I’m quite excited for this new generation and the opportunity you’ve given them.

P.s. Feel free to cast me in any of the upcoming sequels. I believe I would make a wonderful villain. And I hear it’s union!

Amy Jo Johnson is best known for “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” “Felicity,” and “Flashpoint.” The American-Canadian singer-actress came to prominence in the early-1990s as part of the original “Power Rangers” cast.