On Wednesday, the Writers Guild of America West announced 11 honorees for its 2017 Writer Access Project, which recognizes a diverse group of comedy and drama television writers.

The honorees, which include four minority writers, four women writers, and two LGBT writers, are listed below.

– Adrian A. Cruz
– Rachel Feldman
– Sharon Hoffman
– Peter Hume
– Donald Joh
– Tonya Kong
– Zak Shaikh
– Mollie St. John
– Ben St. John

– Hilary Weisman Graham
– Eddie Quintana

The honorees will participate in a series of WGA West-hosted workshops designed to prepare them for careers in television writing. The project, run by the WGA West’s diversity department, identifies talented writers, and makes samples of their work available to showrunners, producers, network and studio executives, agents and managers.

Qualified guild members were invited to submit an unproduced half-hour or one-hour spec script within five industry-underrepresented categories: minority writers, writers with disabilities, women writers, LGBT writers, and older writers (55 and up). Entries were read and scored on a blind submission basis by a panel of judges comprised of guild members with television writing experience.

“The TV Writers Access Project helps mid-level writers sharpen their skills in preparation for staffing season,” said the guild’s diversity advisory group co-chair and WGA West board of directors member Glen Mazzara, who added, “The [project] not only identifies talented writers, it gives them the tools they need to become invaluable to any writing staff.”