SPOILER ALERT: Do not keep reading if you have not seen Season 8, Episode 7 of “The Walking Dead,” titled “Time for After”

“The Walking Dead” is preparing to wind up the first half of Season 8, with this week’s episode focusing mostly on the Saviors, Eugene (Josh McDermitt) in particular. While his story in this episode is on point for the most part, it also features laughably bad sequences with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the Scavengers.

The episode begins with Rick right where we left him: tied up in a storage container as a prisoner of the Scavengers. Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) has it opened so she can take photos and have one of her people sketch him, because why not? Rick again says they can make a deal if she is willing to break her agreement with the Saviors. She refuses, instead telling Rick that she will sculpt him “after.” After what? Oh, just wait.

At the Sanctuary, Eugene confronts Dwight (Austin Amelio) about his role in assisting Rick and his allies. Eugene says he will keep the news to himself if Dwight agrees to cease helping the outsiders immediately. Dwight grabs Eugene by the front of his shirt and tells him that the Sanctuary is finished, as is Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). He tells Eugene that all he has to do is continue to do nothing in order to stay safe. Eugene says he will refrain from revealing Dwight’s treachery so long as he does nothing to harm the people inside the Sanctuary.

Wandering the halls later on, Eugene is asked by Dr. Carson (R. Keith Harris) to stand watch over Gabriel (Seth Gilliam), who is still suffering from a debilitating ailment brought on by covering himself in zombie guts during his escape with Negan. Gabriel wakes up after Carson leaves and asks for Eugene’s help in getting Carson out of the Sanctuary in order to help Maggie and to do the right thing. Eugene says he has never been clear on an exact definition of what the right thing truly is, and that questioning that notion has been what’s kept him alive.

Back in his room, Eugene encounters one of Negan’s wives, Tanya (Chloe Aktas). She has come to collect on a bargain in which Eugene agreed to fix her boombox in return for a bottle of wine. Eugene tells her it is not fixed but asks for the wine anyway. He confesses that he has begun consuming alcohol on a regular basis to cope with his current situation. Tanya reminds Eugene that he had the chance to kill Negan but he chose to protect himself instead before handing over the bottle.

Outside the Sanctuary, Daryl (Norman Reedus) arrives behind the wheel of the garbage truck we saw him driving in the end of the last episode along with Michonne (Danai Gurira), Rosita (Christian Serratos), and Tara (Alanna Masterson). Daryl plans to ram the truck into the Sanctuary entrance, allowing the walkers inside. Morgan (Lennie James), who has been covering the Sanctuary with a team of snipers, says he will help. Rosita says she can’t take part, but Michonne says she has to see this through.

Negan summons Eugene and tells him he needs to come up with a plan to fix things quickly. He butters Eugene up, telling him his intelligence is a great strength. Negan then offers Eugene his hand, which Eugene goes to kiss like a subject showing obedience to a king. Negan stops him and says he was offering Eugene a handshake, something he does with very few people within the Sanctuary.

Eugene returns to his room and starts tinkering with the boombox. As he examines one of the speakers, he has an epiphany. He starts scouring the storeroom of the Sanctuary and finds the coffin that was used to transport Sasha. Inside, he finds the iPod she was given before going inside. He goes to the Sanctuary roof, where he has rigged the iPod and the speaker to a makeshift glider. He will use the noise it creates to lure the walkers away.

Daryl and Michonne prepare to drive the truck into the Sanctuary. But Michonne has a change of heart, saying that the plan has been working so far and this move is not worth the risk. Daryl says it is worth the risk for him, telling her she should get out of the truck.

Before he can launch, Dwight appears behind him with a gun. He says he will kill Eugene, but Eugene states that if Dwight doesn’t kill him, Negan certainly will for failing to free the Sanctuary. He then powers up the glider and sends it out over the walkers. Dwight, in a rage, shoots it down. As he does so, Daryl comes barrelling toward the Sanctuary in the truck, which he successfully smashes into the doors, allowing the walkers to flood inside.

Eugene rushes downstairs to see the Saviors trying to fight off the hoard of walkers. As he witnesses the carnage, he goes back to Gabriel, saying that he will never put himself at risk for anyone other than himself. He then goes to Negan and says he has a way to get rid of the walkers. He also tells Negan he has something even more pressing to share, but before he can say what it is, Dwight and the other Savior lieutenants arrive. Rather than expose Dwight, Eugene covers for him instead. In his room, he throws down some wine, which he promptly vomits right back up out of fear and stress.

Back at the junkyard, Jadis tells Rick that his time has come. They bring out the spiked walker and prepare to let it feast on Rick. But Rick manages to get free and fights off Jadis’ men. He grabs the pole being used to direct the walker and pulls the walker’s head clean off. He then grabs Jadis and puts her face to face with it, but does not kill her. When her people arrive armed to the teeth, Jadis tells them to stand down. She then agrees to fight alongside him yet again

Why, oh why, would they not simply shoot Rick or subdue him the second Jadis was free? The Scavengers have shown no loyalty to anyone so the move ultimately makes no sense.

The episode ends with Rick taking the Scavengers to the Sanctuary, where he sees the aftermath of Daryl’s actions.