‘Veep’ Stars Respond to Australian Politician Who Knocked Himself Unconscious Laughing at Episode

Veep Graham Perrett

The “Veep” cast reacted after reports broke that Australian MP Graham Perrett was eating sushi while watching an episode of the show on Sunday night, choked on his food, and knocked himself unconscious.

Perrett, a parliamentarian from Queensland, was left with a black eye and required three stitches after the incident, which was first reported by The Australian’s Strewth column.

The politician later told BBC 5 that it was all just a matter of bad timing.

“It is a pretty funny show. Some rice went down my airway and I started coughing and choking and laughing at the same time,” he said. “I ran out of the room, I think I hit a wall and then the kitchen island with a granite top. My wife came in and I was on the floor. I was knocked out for a second or so and there was blood everywhere.”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus replied to a tweet about the report with slight incredulity at first: “I mean, c’mon, I’m actually having a hard time believing it. But the real question is – what episode?,” she wrote.

Perrett responded exuberantly, tweeting “episode one in this new series. Where Jonah has the close shave. Pure gold, your highness!!!”

Hearing from him seemed to be enough evidence for Louis-Dreyfus: “Well, thank you very much. Take good care of yourself and for God’s sakes – be careful!,” she said.

Perett was watching the first episode of the newest season of “Veep,” and the choking occurred during the scene where Jonah Ryan (Timothy Simons) gets caught by Dan Egan (Reid Scott) shaving his head in order to fool into people thinking he still has cancer.

When the news was passed along to Simons, he was quite entertained by the matter:


Simons joked that perhaps next time, they’ll edit out some of the more hilarious portions out of the episode and send them over to Perrett to prevent any future mishaps.