TV News Covers Harvey: Weather Channel, ABC, Others Track Chaotic Hurricane

Hurricane Harvey Weather Channel
Courtesy of Weather Channel

A bevy of TV-news outlets have begun coverage of Hurricane Harvey, a massive storm expected to strike the Texas coast with winds of over 100 miles an hour, attempting to track the storm even as they continue to cover news related to the controversial Trump administration and its attempts to shape national policy.

The Weather Channel early Friday morning — at 5 a.m. ET — launched live coverage of the storm and expected to continue that programming until further notice. The network said it had deployed ten crews, with anchors Jim Cantore and Paul Goodloe stationed in the Corpus Christi area; Jen Carfagno placed in Houston; Mike Seidel embedded in the Port Lavaca/Victoria area; and Maria LaRosa in San Antonio.

CNN said Nick Valenica and Martin Savidge were stationed in Corpus Christi; Polo Sandoval and Derek Van Dam were positioned in San Antonio; Ed Lanvadera was on the ground in Galveston; and Rosa Flores was reporting from Houston. Meteorologist Chad Myers was expected to be positioned in Atlanta. CNN will also work with its affiliates in the region.

Fox News Channel said it planned to launch the Saturday broadcast of “Fox & Friends” an hour earlier, at 5 a.m. Eastern, with co-host Rob Schmitt reporting live from Corpus Christi. Reporter Casey Stegall is stationed in Galveston and Steve Harrigan is reporting from Corpus Christi. The 21st Century Fox-owned network will present continuous live coverage of the storm of Hurricane Harvey as it makes landfall in Texas. Fox News meteorologists Janice Dean and Rick Reichmuth will also contribute.

ABC News said it would work closely with local stations, particularly KTRK of Houston. Meanwhile, chief meteorologist Ginger Zee was stationed in New York to track the storm and its impact, while tracking the storm and impact from New York, while meteorologist Rob Marciano, senior national correspondent Matt Gutman, NewsOne correspondent Lana Zak and radio correspondent Jim Ryan were all stationed in Houston. Correspondent Eva Pilgrim is reporting from San Antonio.

CBS News said a team of CBS News correspondents including David Begnaud in Corpus Christi; DeMarco Morgan in Galveston; and Manuel Bojorquez in Port Lavaca, Texas would cover the storm and its path. CBSN will have continuous coverage with live updates from CBS News correspondents and CBS News affiliates throughout the day and overnight.

NBC News and MSNBC have several correspondents on the ground covering Hurricane Harvey. Gabe Gutierrez, Maya Rodriguez and Catie Beck are reporting from Corpus Christi. Dr. John Torres is also there with medical units and EMS teams. Kerry Sanders is in Port Lavaca. Joe Fryer is reporting from Galveston.. Jacob Rascon and Stephanie Gosk are live from Houston. Complete coverage is expected to air this weekend on “Today,” “NBC Nightly News” and “Meet the Press with Chuck Todd.”