The Television Academy is holding a regularly-scheduled meeting of the board of governors tonight, but high on the agenda is the topic of Harvey Weinstein.

Though membership rolls of the Academy are confidential, sources confirm to Variety that the embattled mogul is indeed a member of the TV Academy, given his role as an executive producer on “Project Runway,” the Emmy-nominated reality show.

While no decision is expected to be reached tonight as to what action the board may ultimately take, the Academy will begin the process of moving forward on his status, whether that means expelling him, censuring him, or doing nothing at all. Sources confirm he is definitely a subject of interest, and the matter will be resolved one way or another. “There’s a methodical step to resolution,” says the source.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences voted last week to strip him of his membership. BAFTA has also suspended his membership and the Producers Guild has begun the process to expel him as well. SAG-AFTRA, Writers Guild of America West, and Writers Guild of America East have all issued statements of condemnation, along with dozens of actors and executives.

Weinstein has earned 16 Emmy nominations throughout his career, for “Project Runway” and HBO’s “Project Greenlight.”

Dozens of accusers have come forward to allege that Weinstein harassed them, and a handful have accused Weinstein of sexual assault.