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Women’s advocacy organization WeForShe has selected 17 unproduced female-written television scripts for its 2017 WriteHer list, now in its third year.

The organization said its aim is to make the list a “go-to” resource for executives seeking female-driven quality pilot scripts written by women.

Joy Blake, a consulting producer on Cinemax’s “Outcast” who made  last year’s list, said, “I can’t thank WeForShe enough for their efforts to promote women in the industry. At a time when nearly everyone is talking about diversity, WeForShe is actually doing something.”

The new scripts include Karen DiConcetto’s “In Real Life” and Tess Rafferty’s “I Know Who You Really Are, B—.” The scripts on the list were selected from almost 200 nominations evaluated based on a variety of criteria including diversity of cast, the Bechdel test, and the number and quality of female roles.

The organization said more than half of the participants on the 2016 list had been put on staff, found new representation, or had their script picked up for development. Wendy Engelberg of VH1’s “Daytime Divas” said the list led to the hire of writing team of Thembi Banks and Rochee Jeffrey.

“They were invaluable to our staff; they made essential contributions to the show beginning on day one,” she added.

The WriteHer list and five “Ones to Watch” are listed below:

“Adoptive Behavior” by Cindy Fang

“Baked” by Nancy Duff

“Blackthorn” by Bianca Sams

“Borderline” by Susan Beavers

“Cleo” by Julia Fontana

“Djinn” by Tania Lotia

“Eleanor of Acquitaine” by Shania Steinberg

“Friends and Neighbors” by Diane Ruggiero

“Ghosted” by Melinda Hill

“I Know Who You Really Are, B—” by Tess Rafferty

“In Real Life” by Karen DiConcetto

“Limerick” by Lorelei Ignas

“Molly” by Melissa Rundle

“Multiples” by Alyssa Hill

“Pretty Girl” by Lorna Osunsanmi

“Silo” by Jacqueline Gould

“State of Emergency” by Annie Brunner

Ones to Watch:

“Angelica” by Eliza Lee

“The Letters” by Dani Bailes

“Medium Well” by Christina Brosman

“Miss Understood” by Jessica Kardos

“Parish” by Ashley Sims

View the list on WeForShe’s official website here.