The cast of NBC’s “This is Us” graced the red carpet Thursday night for the show’s first season finale at the Directors Guild of America in Hollywood. Stars including Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia and Chrissy Metz turned out in anticipation for a highly-emotional season ender.

Although “This Is Us” has been recognized for its emotionally heavy themes, both Moore and Ventimiglia feel that each episode contains equal amounts of lighthearted banter.

“It takes a careful eye to understand that the humor and the hopeful quality is in there, [and] the nature of wanting to see the good side even though you’re crying your head off,” Ventimiglia said.

Moore went on to add how pleasantly surprised the cast and crew was, based on the monumental amount of fan support the series has received.

“It’s been an interesting byproduct I think for all of us,” Moore said. “We knew that it would be felt, but I don’t think we had any idea or indication that it was going to be tear-fest.”

Though the first season was a violent rollercoaster of emotions, the show’s intention isn’t to shock viewers. Ventimiglia and Moore were cautious not to accidentally reveal any important information divulged in the finale, but both believe that the so-called “twists” are no different from the spontaneity of real like.

“I feel like we operate in our little bubble. We get excited about each new piece of information, but it doesn’t feel like they’re monumental twists and turns,” Moore told Variety. “[Creator] Dan Fogelman has described the series as if you were to take all your home videos of your childhood, mix them up in a bag and just pick one out in a random order … that’s sort of what the show is.”

Ventimiglia added: “It feels like he is telling the stories of these people when it’s necessary to tell that story.”

“This Is Us” has been already been renewed through it’s third season. Season 2 is scheduled to premiere on NBC this fall.