The two-season pickup of “This Is Us” means that creator Dan Fogelman and his writing staff will get to explore more storylines of the Pearson family and their friends in the years to come. That said, the cast had their own ideas of what they’d like to see.

Milo Ventimiglia (Jack):

“I’ve never necessarily invested in my idea to dream off in what stories to tell. Dan and whole crew of writers, they understand better than me. The things that interest me are jack as a young man. Jack even much younger than Rebecca. Vietnam era. I like living in the space of Jack with the teenagers. We got to see a lot of Jack with the 8 year olds in his 40s. I like the idea of the strained marriage and seeing how that affects people, from the kids to his wife to himself.”

Mandy Moore (Rebecca):

“I’m so curious about Rebecca and Miguel got together. I don’t know too many details about that. In the fifth episode he and wife, Shelley, mentioned they have a son named Andy and a little baby. Where are their kids? Why aren’t they a part of the picture? I’m sure they’ll pop in at some point. I’d also love to see a whole episode about Beth. What does she do? Where does she come from? I love Susan and I think she’s so phenomenal. How did Randall and Beth meet? A show like this, we have the time now to explore all of that. I can’t wait.”

Sterling K. Brown (Randall):

“I would like to investigate how Beth and Randall came together. That’s a real strong choice to be raised in a white family but to seek out a black woman to share your life with. How does he come to that place? How does she first receive him? I would love to know that. I would like to know more about the history and the relationship between Kate and Randall. Because I got a lot of good quality Kevin time but our relationship hasn’t been fleshed out. I need some Kate time.”

Chrissy Metz (Kate):

“I’m really interested to see Miguel’s backstory because he does have children from a previous marriage with Shelley. I want to see their kids and how that’s affected anything with the Big Three. Even Toby’s backstory. Or Beth’s. Id love to see her upbringing. She had a father who passed away. How that affected her to be such a strong foundation for her family in a really complementary way to Randall.”

Justin Hartley (Kevin):

“If we can tell the story about what happened before the twins were born, what happened before Kevin’s meltdown? Let’s tell that story. People will come with him, before he got the job on “The Manny.” What was going on when he took that job? People will go there with those characters because they’re so invested in them. The writers do such a fantastic job of really making you feel you want to know every single thing about everyone of these guys.”

Chris Sullivan (Toby):

“I would really love to dive deeper into some of Randall’s psychological issues. I think that that’s a character a lot of people can relate to. We’ve set up this culture that pushes success, pushes perfection, pushes competition. Perfection isn’t a real thing. The pursuit of it is insanity. Randall’s character is the embodiment of a person who’s trying to do that.”

Susan Kelechi Watson (Beth):

“I’d like to see an episode where Beth and Randall met. I think that would be really cool. I’d like to know how they met, where they fell in love. There’s so many blanks to be filled in with Beth at the moment. It’s a really cool thing that not all the cards have been put on the table. It makes me it exciting to go into seasons two and three. And know we’re going to explore Beth’s life more.”

Ron Cephas Jones (William):

“I’d love to see more of the connection that happened in the house between William and the children. I’m looking forward to what’s going on with Chrissy and Sully. And whether they’re getting to get married because they’re putting that on hold. And what’s happening with Jack. I have all the questions that the fans have. What’s going on with Justin and the wife? Whether Beth has some family? Does she have a mother? My plate is just as full as the fans.”