Hopefully, it won’t come as a spoiler that a lot of people die on “The Walking Dead.” But who dies and how they came to leave the hit AMC show? Now there are some shockers. Thanks to TV tracking app TVShow Time, which analyzed data from more than 1.6 million fans, we know which which deaths came as the biggest surprises for one of TVs biggest fandoms.

The show is currently in its seventh season, and with it returning on Sunday for its midseason premiere, the deaths are guaranteed to mount. The ensemble cast has been through hell and back and back to hell, from civilized society to whatever you can call the current state of affairs in Alexandria.

Spoiler alert — the list includes season seven, so if you aren’t caught up… you’ve been warned. Otherwise, read on to see how fans react to different deaths, from bludgeons to decapitations of some of the show’s most beloved characters. Did Glenn’s murder, which may have caused AMC to rein in some of its violence, take the top spot? Or did the Governor’s brutal slaying of Hershel shock fans the most? Read on below!

(Click here for a full-size version of the entire infographic.)