On Thursday’s episode of CBS’s hit game show “The Price Is Right,” contestant Ryan Belz broke Plinko records by landing his chips in the $10,000 slot three times.

For those who aren’t rabid “Price” followers, Plinko involves a contestant standing at the top of a large vertical gameboard who then drops chips down into a series of channels. At the bottom of the gameboard are a series of slots, each worth a certain amount of money ranging from zero to $10,000. The contestant is given five chips and attempts to rack up as much money as possible.

Belz started off his run on top, with his first chip landing in the $10,000 slot. He immediately flipped out and began yelling and clutching his chest in shock and joy. His second scored him an additional $1,000. After his third chip once again landed in the $10,000 slot, the audience began to chant “Ryan, Ryan,” to which the bespectacled Belz happily joined in. His fourth chip landed on $500 and, after giving it a good luck kiss, Belz managed to sink the last chip into the $10,000 slot again, for a total of $31,500.

Running his hands through his hair and screaming in shock, Belz looked like he could hardly believe his fortune. He seemed to be unsure what to do with himself, and started doing a jittery dance on the stage, ecstatically shaking host Drew Carey’s hand.

According to a video on TMZ, Belz is a “Price is Right” fanatic and has been following the show since college, where he would schedule his classes around the show.

Watch the unbelievable clip here or above.