‘The Path’ Creator Says Hulu Let Her Be ‘Really Brave’ in Season 2

'The Path' Season 2
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To leave a religion you’ve dedicated your life to requires quite a bit of bravery. And to tell a story about what faith can do to a person? That might require even more.

But that’s the nature of “The Path,” Hulu’s religious drama about a cult in upstate New York that appears to be well-intentioned but holds secrets and lies all the way up to its highest levels of leadership. The organization, named Meyerism, is shaken after prominent member Eddie (Aaron Paul) begins to have doubts about their belief infecting those around him – like wife, Sarah (Michelle Monaghan) – and additional crises of their own.

At the premiere of the second season at the Sundance Sunset Theater Thursday night, the cast and crew gathered to celebrate the dark and pensive show. Those who worked on “The Path” recognized the impact a show like this could have, tackling an issue so many studios shy away from.

“Religion is one of the biggest subjects in the world and you rarely hear about it [in television],” creator and executive producer Jessica Goldberg said. “They’re really brave. They let us be brave,” she said of Hulu.

Goldberg, like many of those who worked on the series, has been fascinated with religion from a young age. And yet, religion is so central to many people’s lives, said Hugh Dancy, who plays cult leader Cal Roberts.

“I think that’s the human condition,” Dancy said on the red carpet. “One of the better and terrifying aspects of the human condition is that we’re all prone to, potentially victims of, and can benefit from faith.”

Hulu seems to agree. Company CEO Mike Hopkins and head of originals Beatrice Springborn were both in attendance Thursday night. Springborn gave a speech before the screening, expressing complete faith in the show.

Monaghan, looking like an angel herself in a white lace gown, commented that working with Hulu has been liberating and fun due to how much power they give to the series producers and writers.

“They’re amazing in the sense that they really give you such creative freedom,” she said. “They’re taking on material other studios just wouldn’t. For me, it’s like independent filmmaking with a budget.”

Season 2 of ‘The Path” will premiere on Hulu Jan. 25.

(Pictured: Hulu’s content chief Craig Erwich and CEO Mike Hopkins flank stars Hugh Dancy, Michelle Monaghan, and Aaron Paul)