Since becoming Kid Flash, Wally West’s (Keiynan Lonsdale) abilities have been increasing far faster than Barry’s (Grant Gustin) ever did. Because of that, Wally now has a gigantic burden on his shoulders.

After accidentally traveling to the future and witnessing Iris’ (Candice Patton) death at the hands of Savitar, Barry has been trying to figure out a way to stop the tragedy from happening. Last week he came to the conclusion that he won’t be fast enough to save Iris, but believes Wally will be.

Variety spoke with Lonsdale about how Wally’s handling this responsibility, keeping secrets from Joe (Jesse L. Martin), and more …

What’s Wally’s reaction when Barry says it’s up to him to save Iris?

He accepts the responsibility and dives right in. There’s obviously a lot of pressure, but he’s excited to immerse himself in training. He loves being a speedster so him getting to train with Barry is exciting to him — despite the situation being awful. He feels like he’s in his element, and ready to take on the challenge.

He’s definitely been very confident as a speedster up to this point. Being tasked with saving Iris doesn’t make that confidence waver at all?

It makes him more confident. His feeling is Barry — who I look up to — believes in me, and believes in me enough to say I’m the one that needs to save Iris. At the same time, it makes him more vulnerable. Now there’s this huge responsibility that he has to deal with, and that will catch up with him as time goes on.

You mentioned Barry and Wally training more closely. Does the motivation behind their intense training put a strain on their relationship?

I don’t think so. I feel like it makes them even closer. There’s pressure — and everyone is feeling the pressure — but Barry’s thought about this. As much as it seemed quick, and to come to his mind at the last minute, he’s been thinking about every possible way to save Iris. He’s confident in Wally, and I think that makes them closer friends.

What does Wally think about his sister Iris’ growing recklessness? She thinks she’s going to die in a few months so she doesn’t seem to concerned about her safety right now.

Yeah, he’s not down for it. Iris is good at reading and manipulating her brother. He can see what she’s going through, but at the same time he can be easily distracted and she knows that. She’s presenting herself in a certain way so he doesn’t see how vulnerable she is.

Team Flash isn’t known for keeping things from each other, but Joe still doesn’t know about what Barry saw in future. How long can Wally keep that from him?

The team can’t keep it forever. Wally hates keeping such an awful secret from his dad, and it does affect him and break him. I think he’s trying to avoid that thought and just focus on what he needs to do.

In a couple weeks, Wally is going to be reunited with Jesse (Violett Beane). How does she react to him being a speedster now as well?

It brings a new dynamic for sure. She’s surprised, and as all relationships, things get a bit rocky. We have to get through some things, but for Wally he’s excited to finally be a speedster and share that with her.

The Flash” airs on the CW on Tuesdays at 8 p.m.