The Winchesters have had a lot on their plate so far in Season 12. Lucifer is loose and free — hopping from vessel to vessel as he pleases — the British Men of Letters have taken it upon themselves to sort out the American chapter, which really just means Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles), and the cherry on top is that the boys’ mom Mary (Samantha Smith) is back from the dead thanks to the Darkness.

To pile on even more, December’s midseason finale ended with the Winchesters being arrested by federal agents for endangering the President of the United States — who was possessed by Lucifer at the time — and one of the President’s aides on the run, pregnant with the devil’s child. That’s a whole lot to deal with.

Variety spoke with executive producer Andrew Dabb about Sam and Dean’s continued trouble with the law, baby Lucifer, and more…

The boys have run into trouble with the law in the past, but this is really a whole new level of screwed for them. How are they handling their arrest by the feds?

Sam and Dean have been to jail, and certainly arrested a lot, but now they’re being treated as domestic terrorists. They’re not in a prison, they’re not sharing a cell, they’re isolated and alone and alone for a long time. There is about a six-week time jump between the midseason finale and midseason premiere.

It looks like Castiel (Misha Collins) and Mary are working together to get them out. How is their work dynamic?

When Sam and Dean are taken off the board it really changes a lot of stuff. Castiel is someone who would go off and do his own thing, but he always had guidance — whether it be from the Winchesters or heaven — and without that Castiel doesn’t really know what to do with himself. He tries to do the right thing. A lot of times he does the right thing, but it doesn’t always go the way he hoped.

With Mary, she’s come back and tried to move away from hunting, but when Sam and Dean go missing it kind of forces her into action. Crowley and the British Men of Letters are also reacting to the guys being gone.

In general, is Mary making any progress when it comes to accepting being among the living again?

In some ways, Sam and Dean being taken kind of jars her out of this journey she’s been on, and she has to take action. The Mary Winchester we’ve met in the flashbacks and time travel episodes — she’s extremely dynamic and active. She’s been built up in Sam and Dean’s mind, so when she came back, they thought she would hang out in the bunker, have family dinner, and go hunt some monsters. Mary isn’t necessarily that kind of person. She’s a little more complex and a more guarded person. She’s making peace with her place in the world and making peace with being a hunter again.

Speaking of mothers and sons, we’ve seen Crowley (Mark Sheppard) and Rowena (Ruth Connell) sort of make up over the last few episodes. How long can their friendliness possibly last?

With Crowley and Rowena it’s never going to be a happy family. There is always going to be tension between the two and in episode 13, it really comes to a head. Those two are never going to be friends, or mother and son in the way we understand it.

We also finally met the British Men of Letters’ Mr. Ketch (David Haydn-Jones). He doesn’t seem to care one way or another about Sam and Dean, unlike other members of the British chapter. What can we expect from him and the British Men of Letters as a whole in the back half of the season?

With the British Men of Letters as an organization, there is a power vacuum. They try to seize on that by becoming more influential in America. The stance at this point is, “let us help you.” Sam and Dean aren’t sold, so the British Men of Letters will have to go above and beyond to earn their trust.

In terms of Mr. Ketch, what he loves to do is kill things. He is essentially a living weapon. We’re dealing with a character who, at first, seems almost robotic.

To make matters even worse, Kelly (Courtney Ford) is on the run pregnant with Lucifer’s child. What’s going through her head?

Kelly is pregnant with this child, who is a source of incredible power. Because the child is Lucifer’s, does that mean the child is evil? Or, if raised in the right way, could it be used for good? Kelly is holding out hope that she can make this child good. It’s as much her as it is Lucifer.

Do you see any similarities between LOTUS (Lucifer of the United States) and our new president, Donald Trump?
The last episode was written and filmed before our recently sworn-in president was elected. To say that we were pressing it that way would be wrong, but I certainly think the idea that a strong anti-figure taking control is something that’s been playing out all over the world.

I don’t think anyone thought it would have echos with the current political climate, and I wouldn’t say we did it on purpose, but I can see how people would see parallels.

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