Supergirl” is getting yet another mystery villain. Shortly after casting former Lois Lane Teri Hatcher as a similarly described baddie, the show has enlisted Kevin Sorbo in a recurring role as one of Supergirl’s many foes.

“Since his days as Hercules, Kevin Sorbo has brought such a strong presence to the screen and we couldn’t be more excited to have him join us on ‘Supergirl,'” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said.

Sorbo’s geek pedigree is well accounted for at this point. First there was “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” and that franchise’s assorted TV movies and animated joints, in which Sorbo played the eponymous Greek demigod. Then there was “Andromeda,” the sci-fi series created from unused Gene Roddenberry material that ran for five seasons, in which he was High Guard Captain Dylan Hunt, whose mission was to rekindle the light of civilization across several galaxies.

In addition to Hatcher and Sorbo, “Supergirl” has been a hotbed of ’90s stars — Hatcher’s former “Lois & Clark” co-star Dean Cain played Jeremiah Danvers; now-recurring Calista Flockhart came to fame on “Ally McBeal.”

Supergirl’s antagonists this season have included the alien Draaga and Cyber Superman.

Sorbo is repped by Harry Gold of TalentWorks and Sherry Marsh of Marsh Entertainment.