Stranger Things” Season 2 drops on Netflix this Friday, but fans who want to delve into the world of the sleeper hit thriller series a little early will have a chance thanks to some new partnerships.

Netflix has partnered with both Eggo and Lyft to promote the new season of the show, which follows a group of young boys dealing with a range of paranormal phenomena in the tiny town of Hawkins, Indiana.

Eggo Waffles, which fans will recall is the food of choice of psychically-gifted Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), created custom recipes for a nine-course waffle menu, so that fans can throw the ultimate viewing party or just properly accompany their binge-watching couch session. Each of the nine episodes have a corresponding dish, themed around the title of the episode.

Eggo also created DIY step-by-step instructions to transform a waffle box into an Eleven costume accessory, like a chic purse or a flashlight. Directions can be found below. Eggo has also created a spoiler blocker, “L’Eggo my Spoiler,” for fans to avoid any troublesome internet gossip.

Nationwide from Thursday, Oct. 26 to Friday Oct. 27 from 6am through 6pm local time, Lyft passengers can opt into “Strange Mode” where their app will be fully transformed into a stranger experience with in-app Lyft vehicles resembling iconic elements from the show such as: waffles, Christmas lights and the red illuminated Stranger Things logo.

“Lyft is a company that is all about creating experiences for our passengers,” said Ethan Eyler, director of ride experience at Lyft. “We like to think of the car as our stage and that is just what we did in partnership with Netflix, by creating a spooky ride for ‘Stranger Things 2.'”

From Friday, Oct. 27 to Saturday, Oct. 28, passengers in Los Angeles and Philadelphia will also be able to slide into Strange Mode for a chance to end up in a special in-car experience between 4pm and 9pm local time. Watch a video of the experience below.