‘Stranger Things’ Star Millie Bobby Brown on Arguing With the Duffers and Her Surprising Next Goal

Millie Bobby Brown Stranger Things
Courtesy Netflix

Not only can Millie Bobby Brown act up a storm (that finale!), but she also has an impressive set of pipes — as she proved on the Tonight Show. And now she wants to try it on stage: “A musical would be next on my list,” she says.

Her choice: “Matilda.” Explains Brown, “I like her wittiness. She’s funny and also just extremely smart, all at the same time.”

She’s not intimidated by the idea of doing theater, having learned the ropes from her co-stars Gaten Matarazzo, who’s been in “Les Miserables,” and Caleb McLaughlin, who starred in “The Lion King.”

“They told me their schedule, and I was like, whoa, that’s crazy,” she says. “But that’s why I would like to. I think Broadway’s such a tough kind of routine.”

She just wrapped production on the next installment of the “Godzilla” franchise, so with a little bit of downtime before “Stranger Things” starts up again, she says she’s going to spend the time working on projects for herself (“I love to write also,” she says), as well as charity work. “Right now, I just want to focus on helping other people,” she says. “Working with UNICEF is a really big dream of mine. And hopefully I get to do that in the space of my relaxation. My time off should be dedicated to other people who need help.”

But she’s not ready to say goodbye to Eleven anytime soon. “I would like five seasons, but maybe that’s just being me because I don’t want the show to end ever,” she says. “But I’m realistic. I’m realistically saying season four, but I hope to go on through season five.”

She says she was excited to explore Eleven’s backstory this season, calling it a big question that needed to be answered. “But there are some remaining that need to be answered, too,” she says. She’s leaving those mysteries, though, to the show’s creators, the Duffer Brothers. “It’s all up to them,” she says. “They are geniuses.”

She calls them her big brothers — and like any siblings, they argue constantly, she says. “It’s quite ridiculous,” she says. “We argue all the time and we make up the next day. But I wouldn’t want anything else.”

The show has transformed her life, but the teenager is doing her best to keep her life as private as possible. “I’m still my crazy self,” she says. “I’m a lot busier, I have a lot more things to do. I can’t post as much as I want to, and do the things that I really want to do, but I do what I love at the end of the day. If I have to sacrifice (social media), then so be it.”

A veteran of 25 Comic-Cons around the world (and counting), she says she gets hounded for photographs wherever she goes. “People sometimes take advantage of the fact that I do take pictures everywhere and I do sign autographs, so I’m trying to stop with that as much,” she says. “But I can spot a fan from a mile away.”

She recounts a story when fans were trying to surreptitiously take a photo of her — so she turned the tables on them. “You kind of feel like an alien when someone’s taking a picture of you when you don’t know,” she says. They quickly apologized. She says she told them, “I just want to let you know how you feel when somebody has got a camera on your face. Just ask me, and I’ll say yes.”