Eagle-eyed “Stranger Things” fans may have already spotted a new Easter egg on the Netflix page of the hit series, which switches the entire screen into an upside-down version, mimicking the Upside Down from the show.

When viewers navigate to the “Stranger Things” page on Netflix, it shows all the typical features of Netflix’s navigation — a quick summary of the show, thumbs-up and thumbs-down, and an Add to My List feature, all alongside a screencap from the first episode of the first season that shows Will Byers peering into a shed. Look over to the right, however, and a floating, glowing red orb can be seen. Click on the orb, and the page will flip upside down.

The Upside Down version of Netflix looks similar to the Upside Down of the show, with creepy sound effects, unappealing roots sprawling across the screen, and the cursor taking on a flashlight appearance. The flashlight flickers occasionally and after a few seconds pass, the Demagorgon jumps out accompanied by its screeching roar.

Netflix is pulling out all the stops to promote Season 2 of the sleeper hit, which will see Will Byers and the gang dealing with even more supernatural phenomena in Hawkins, Ind. Eggo and Lyft partnered with the show to bring a “Stranger Things” experience to fans, with Eleven’s favorite waffle company creating custom recipes for a nine-course waffle menu so fans can throw the perfect viewing party, and Lyft allowing riders to switch into “Strange Mode,” which will transform the app to feature iconic imagery from the show.

Season 2 of “Stranger Things” premieres Oct. 27.