Stephen Baldwin Hosting American Road Trip Series on RT Network (EXCLUSIVE)

Stephen Baldwin RT Network

Stephen Baldwin will produce and star in “The GAP: Great American Pilgrimage,” a new series taking a look the varying definitions of what it means to be an American for RT Network.

Baldwin and co-producer Max Keiser will hit the road in an RV to examine the different ways that people believe, perceive, and live out what it means to be an American by bringing their platform to underrepresented communities.

“The GAP is a journey for me to hear from everyday Americans about their passions and perceptions of our great nation. The show will approach each episodic visit from a grassroots commonality that we can all relate to,” Baldwin says in a statement to Variety. “I am not a journalist, but I’m eager play the role of host and journey-ist.”

Keiser has hosted “The Keiser Report,” a half-hour program on financial news and analysis, for RT since 2009. He is a broadcaster, film producer and co-inventor of the Virtual Specialist, the platform that operates Hollywood Stock Exchange.

Baldwin most recently produced and starred in the faith-based movie, “Youth Group.” He also appeared on the seventh season of “Celebrity Apprentice.” His work off-screen includes his auto-biography “The Unusual Suspect,” detailing his personal journey to becoming a born-again Christian after 9/11.

Baldwin was one of the first people in Hollywood to endorse Donald Trump for president, before the election, which he spoke about to Variety in an interview after the inauguration, saying, “I think he really wants what’s best for everybody. Unfortunately, he’s jammed into a presidency that may be the most difficult four years for any president almost ever to figure out how to bring people together.”

RT Network is an English-language Russian international television network, funded by the Russian government that is available in over 100 different countries, with an audience of up to 700 million, including 85 million in the United States. Larry King, the former CNN host, and Ed Schultz, a former MSBNC host, both have programs on the network.