Sony Pictures Television is shopping a second season of “Good Girls Revolt.”

The drama series, about a group of young women working at a Newsweek-esque magazine in the latter part of the mid-20th century, was canceled by Amazon earlier this year after one season by since-ousted Amazon Studios president Roy Price.

Series creator Dana Calvo has repeated in numerous interviews that she believes that the show was canceled because of the personal tastes of Price, who stepped down last month after being suspended amid sexual harassment allegations.

Sources tell Variety that interest in the series was rekindled as the Price harassment story broke, drawing Calvo and the show back into the news. Although the show’s cast and creative team are no longer under contract, several have expressed interest in returning to the project should a second season find a home.

In her review of the first season for Variety, Sonia Saraiya wrote, “‘Good Girls Revolt’ quickly settles into an addictive rhythm, drawing the audience into the unromantic, intimate process of individual radicalization, as women from very different worldviews find themselves agreeing with their colleagues that enough is enough. The show cares about these specific experiences of growth and empowerment — both their triumphs and their missteps. And in depicting young women tasting their independence and sexual power for the first time in New York City, ‘Good Girls Revolt’ presents ‘Mad Men’ with a healthy dash of the freewheeling play of ‘Broad City’ — joints on the coffee table, adventures in birth control, the indignities of periods and peeing, and reading erotica on public transit. The characters are experiencing for the first time the unglamorous grace notes of modern female existence that are still very recognizable today — albeit in what looks to be far less comfortable underwear.”

TVLine first reported news that season 2 was being shopped.