Sky Vision is the latest distributor to commit to add its programming to the TRX digital distribution platform. The news comes shortly after BBC Worldwide added its content to TRX, which is run by former U.K. super indie boss David Frank.

TRX is a digital platform that allows TV program buyers and sellers to interact – and transact – via a dedicated platform. It has gone through extensive beta testing, finally launching this month.

Sky Vision will add thousands of hours to TRX, with the technical and tagging requirements meaning the catalog will be on the service by year-end.

“At Sky we’re proud of our track-record of backing innovation, especially in technology, and TRX is a case in point,” said Sky Vision chief Jane Millichip. “We believe TRX will transform the transaction process for buyers and sellers; and like most successful innovations, it will bolster, rather than reduce, human interaction and negotiation.”

Sky and Channel 4 are among the investors in TRX, which is in Cannes this week talking to potential partners about the platform.

“It is fitting that as we roll out TRX to the world, Sky is playing a pivotal role in that process,” said David Frank. “Sky has been a huge supporter of the business both as an investor and an early adopter.

“Our mission is to make TV deals easier by bringing established marketplace technology to the TV distribution market.”

Antenna Group, All3Media International, Discovery Communications, Bloomberg, Earth Touch, Escapade Media, Lightning International, and 3DD are among the distributors trying out TRX.

Last week BBC Worldwide said it was adding its 9,500-title online catalog available via TRX. “We’ve been looking for ways to use technology to enhance our buyers’ experience and the ease with which they can do business with us so we’re keen to trial innovative tech-driven solutions such as this provided by TRX,” “Paul Dempsey, president global markets, BBC Worldwide said at the time.