‘Saturday Night Live’ Responds to Eminem’s Trump Freestyle and Paints Kellyanne Conway as Pennywise the Clown (Watch)

'Saturday Night Live's' Trump Responds to

Alec Baldwin was back on “Saturday Night Live” this week and wasted no time packing a lot of Donald Trump’s recent headlines, from challenging Rex Tillerson to an IQ test to “reclaiming Christmas”– all at once. He even had a response to Eminem’s BET Hip Hop Awards cypher.

“Eminem apparently did a freestyle rap on the bet network the other day, and very soon I’m going to release a response rap on the white entertainment network HGTV so watch your back, Eminem,” Baldwin’s Trump said.

Baldwin appeared as Trump in the show’s cold open, supposedly attending a trucker rally to speak out on tax reform but never actually saying anything about his plans in that arena. Instead he distracted by constantly calling Mike Pence (played again by Beck Bennett) to check in on everything from whether or not football players were standing during the national anthem to what the seasonal message on Starbucks cups said, noting that if the company respected America, “the cups would say ‘Merry Christmas’ all year and show me as Santa Claus.”

Baldwin’s Trump also made comments about “undoing everything Obama did,” like healthcare, as well as “ripping out all of the vegetables in Michelle Obama’s garden and planting McNuggets,” and donating Colts season tickets to lucky fans in Puerto Rico – though noting they’d have to fly themselves to Indiana and book their own hotel rooms because “at a certain point they have to start doing things for themselves.”

Bob Corker, Tennessee’s junior Republican senator who has famously become Trump’s latest antagonist, also featured prominently in the sketch, though no one at “SNL” donned prosthetics and a wig to portray him just yet. Instead, Baldwin’s Trump made cracks about his size, even going so far as to call him a “midget.”

Mentioning his incredibly high IQ, Baldwin’s Trump noted that he’s the only person who actually knows what IQ stands for and later paraphrased his favorite verse of the bible, which he called “double Corinthians” and said explains that marriage is between a man and a woman – “then another woman, then another woman, then maybe one more if you’e got it in you.”

Although “Saturday Night Live” kept politics to the cold opens and Weekend Update segments in the first two episodes of this 43rd season, the third episode, which was hosted by Kumail Nanjiani and featured musical performances by P!nk, also took on Kellyanne Conway as Pennywise – or rather, Kellywise – the Clown in a sketch later in the episode.

Kate McKinnon played both Conway and Hillary Clinton in a sketch that saw Alex Moffat’s Anderson Cooper fall asleep at his anchor desk and have a nightmare that Conway was lurking in the sewer outside the CNN offices, not only trying to lure him in but previously luring in Clinton, as well as Rachel Maddow (Cecily Strong).

Watch the sketches below: