As skilled of an actor as he may be, Ryan Gosling still can’t keep a straight face when Kate McKinnon is in character.

The “La La Land” star reprised his role as a hillbilly abducted by aliens in “Another Close Encounter” on the “Saturday Night Live” Season 43 premiere, two years after he broke during the same sketch in December 2015. Gosling fared no better this time around.

The sketch began innocently enough, with Gosling and Cecily Strong’s characters describing their pleasant, mind-bending experience being abducted by “glowing beings made of beautiful light” and seeing their entire lives flash before their eyes. McKinnon’s character, however, had quite a different experience.

Gosling was able to hold it together as she described being snared by a net and hauled up into a spacecraft with “her bush and her tush” out, but when McKinnon requested that the actor stand and face the wall so she could demonstrate how the aliens examined her behind, things started to go downhill.

McKinnon said, “I don’t think [the aliens] had ever seen a crack before,” and Gosling had to quickly turn his face towards the wall to hide a smile. She explained that she thought the aliens believed she was broken and were “trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again” as she pressed her hands on either side of Gosling’s butt.

Gosling started to visibly shake with laughter as she went on. “They were pushing, they were slamming, they’d take one cheek, kinda jiggle it, and then” — McKinnon grabbed one side of Gosling’s butt in a pincerlike motion and pushed it against the other. Eventually she put her entire face into his backside, explaining that’s what “one of these idiots” had done aboard the craft. At this point, the chair Gosling was supporting himself with almost tipped over as he shook with laughter.

“Thanks Todd, you can sit down,” McKinnon finished, at which point Aidy Bryant and Mikey Day’s characters asked Gosling what his experience on board the craft was like as he pulled his hat down low over his face and resumed his seat.

“We were led down a passageway of light,” he started, his voice breaking on the first word as he fruitlessly tried to hold back laughter.

Watch the full video below: