It was a sketch months in the making but potentially the start of a new recurring property.

Saturday Night Live” opened its Nov. 18 episode with a cold open sketch entitled “The Mueller Files,” inspired by Robert Mueller’s investigation into Julian Assange and Wikileaks back in May of this year, an action once again made topical by Mueller more recently subpoenaing the Trump campaign for Russia-related documents.

“SNL” enacted a secret, Deep Throat-style meeting between Donald Trump Jr. (played by Mikey Day) and Julian Assange (played by Kate McKinnon) in London. “As secure as sliding into my DMs is, I thought this would be safer,” Day’s Trump Jr. said.

Alex Moffat later turned the nefarious duo into a mismatched threesome when he came in as Eric Trump, which prompted a comparison between McKinnon’s Assange and Draco Malfoy, though they noted that was a low blow and that “making fun of appearances is dad’s thing.”

McKinnon’s Assange was there to hand over Hillary Clinton’s emails but said he was “not some dumb blond you can take advantage of.” What he wanted in return was to be cleared of espionage charges. Day’s Trump Jr. said their family takes care of their allies, to which Moffat’s Eric asked about Chris Christie, Rudy Giuliani and “mom.”

Watch the Nov. 18 “SNL” cold open below:

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