Netflix has pulled grisly ads for its new original series “Santa Clarita Diet” in Germany after multiple complaints were filed.

The show features Drew Barrymore as an undead suburban mom with a taste for human flesh.

The German marketing materials for the show feature a sliced-up finger coated in blood-colored ketchup and sprinkled with curry powder, an image evocative of the popular German sausage dish currywurst.

A giant billboard of the dismembered digit was hung in Potsdamer Platz, where the Berlin Film Festival was recently held. Netflix even had food trucks set up around the plaza serving up currywurst. Check out the offending image below:

Complaints to Germany’s advertising regulator, the Deutscher Werberat, resulted in Netflix taking the ads down. The agency cannot force advertisers to remove ads, only advise them.

Less graphic ads for the show have run in other cities.

In Los Angeles, one billboard portrays many fingers in a French fry container with the tagline “Finger Food.” Another shows a hamburger with a bloody heart instead of a patty that reads, “Eat Your Heart Out.” A third capitalizes on the popular juice trend, featuring a bottle filled with a viscous red liquid with the label “blood, brains, tissue, guts, plasma.” The tagline for that billboard reads “flesh squeezed.”

Season 1 of “Santa Clarita Diet” is currently available to stream on Netflix.