Riverdale” fans can be privy to some additional connective tissue in the Archie Comics world with the release of the show’s complete first season on DVD.

Included on the DVD are deleted scenes — including a key moment from episode two, “A Touch of Evil,” which shows the moment Veronica learned her mother would be applying to work at Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe, the local diner.

Hermione Lodge took up the job early in the season since Hiram Lodge’s incarceration essentially dried up her income stream, but viewers weren’t given much heads up besides a general impression that the Lodges’ lives were going to be drastically different in Riverdale. Hermione simply appeared in her waitress’ uniform at the diner, with a few throwaway lines explaining her presence.

“Mom, that place is a poor man’s Shake Shack,” Veronica says in the deleted scene. “And have you ever — no offense — worked before?”

More deleted scenes are available as part of “Riverdale: The Complete First Season,” which hits shelves on DVD August 15. The set will feature all 13 episodes of the first season and also include additional bonus material and a gag reel. It will be released on Blu-Ray via the Warner Archive Collection, which can be found on Amazon and other online retailers. A digital version will also be available for purchase online from iTunes, Amazon Video, and more.

Season 2 of “Riverdale,” which was renewed in March, will premiere on The CW on October 11.

Watch the deleted scene below: