Univision Host Raúl De Molina to Donald Trump: ‘Stand With Us to Unite This Country’ (Guest Column)

raul de molina
Courtesy of Univision

The 2016 campaign revealed deep divisions within America, fueled by the troubling rise of hate and contempt.

As a parent, I have noticed President-elect Trump’s influence on his children. He has mentored them as they joined the family business and launched their own ventures.

They were the centerpiece of his campaign, either by his side or representing him at rallies. I have some thoughts for him, from one father to another.

Mr. President, I believe one of the most important traits we can pass on to our children is empathy. We must have empathy for the hundreds of thousands of people who left their homes behind in order to come here to create the American dream. As parents, our greatest wish is to give our children the best future we can. Immigrants work hard for this, often juggling two or three jobs to keep their families afloat. I frequently meet such people on my travels — the woman, living here for more than 20 years, who holds multiple jobs in order to support her five U.S.-born kids; the mother of two from Miami whose husband went to work on Thanksgiving morning and was back in his native Honduras that afternoon, having been deported while his family waited for him at the dinner table.

As you stand on the stage at your inauguration, Mr. President, swearing an oath to the people of the United States, please think about your many voters and feel that sense of empathy — that deep fear and sadness at the prospect of suddenly being separated from your loved ones. Stand with us to unite this country and keep our families and community together, so that we, like you, can continue to build better a future for our children.