SPOILER ALERT: Do not read ahead, if you have not watched the series finale of “Pretty Little Liars,” which aired June 27 on Freeform.

Ever since Freeform announced “Pretty Little Liars” would come to a close after its seventh season, rumors have swirled that the Liars could return someday for a reboot, spinoff, movie or reunion. Now that the show has officially wrapped, Variety checked in with the “Pretty Little Liars” cast and producers to get a reboot reality check.

While there are no official plans to develop any sort of reboot at this time, series creator Marlene King tells Variety that she does have many ideas in mind for how to continue the franchise in the future — and Tuesday night’s finale certainly kept the story open-ended.

The finale ended with high school students in the same exact situation the Liars were once in seven years ago in the pilot of “Pretty Little Liars.” A group of teenage girls sat outside together in a backyard in Rosewood, as they realized one of their friends, Addision, had gone missing — a clear throwback to the original “Pretty Little Liars” storyline when Alison (Sasha Pieterse) went missing.

“Even though one chapter has ended, the mythology of this creepy town continues,” King explains of that final scene. Though the stage was set for a spinoff with new characters, King  admits, “Not right now. I feel like it would be fun at some point in time to possibly do it just because I love this world so much. It really is so hard to say goodbye to this show.

When asked if she would prefer to do a “PLL” spinoff with new characters in Rosewood or rather a reboot with the original cast, King says she’s thought about everything.

“I feel like there are combinations of so many ways to do that. There is more than one way — maybe there’s a reboot, maybe there’s a spinoff,” she shares. “I feel like there are so many ways. I feel like if there were to be a reboot, it would be so fun to start fresh with new actors and a new mythology and a whole new story because my brain is still filled with this whole mythology.”

If King were ever to bring back “Pretty Little Liars” in some form, most of the stars say they would be interesting in returning — though a few are not in favor of bringing the show back.

“I think it would be tough because we really wrapped up the mystery in the final episode. I really like where we left our stories,” admits Troian Bellisario, who played Spencer on the series for all seven seasons. Bellisario is now gearing up for her first project after “Pretty Little Liars” with a film titled “Feed,” which she wrote, produced and stars in, opposite Tom Felton. The movie, inspired by the actress’ personal struggle with eating disorders, drops on VOD and digital platforms on July 18.

Lucy Hale, who played Aria on “Liars” and is starring in her own upcoming CW show, “Life Sentence,” also doesn’t want to jump right into a reboot, but she’s not ruling out the idea. “Down the road I am open to anything,” Hale says. “We need to let people miss the show a little though.”

On the other hand, the rest of the cast would be ready for a revival at any point. “Of course!” Shay Mitchell says when asked if she’d want to be part of any “PLL” reunion in the future. Likewise, Janel Parrish agrees, saying, “Absolutely. Always down to be Mona. Forever.” Andrea Parker, who played two characters on the Freeform series, adds, “Count me in!”

The boys of Rosewood are also on board. Ian Harding says, “Absolutely, but it would have to be on Netflix or something of that nature so we could go all out with the love scenes, death scenes and language.” Tyler Blackburn notes it would be nice to see the character after being tormented by “A” for seven years, explaining, “I would definitely do a reunion at some point. It would be fun to see where the characters ended up in their lives post cyber stalker.” And Keegan Allen quips at the idea of a reboot, saying, “That would be interesting.”

Charlie Craig jokes he’s been in since “yesterday,” while executive producer Oliver Goldstick teases, “These are such beloved characters who are like extended family members, so I always say, never say never.” Better yet, executive producer Joseph Dougherty ponders, “What I’d like to see is each writer do their own individual version of what the reboot-ification should be. Why have one ‘PLL’ when you could have half a dozen or so?”

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