Independent production company association PactUS has formed new partnerships with the multi-platform video network-focused Global Online Video Association and the digital-content law firm, Ginsburg Daniels Kallis LLP. The moves come as part of a new digital-hub initiative by PactUS.

GOVA’s members include Jukin Media, Machinima, Maker Studios, NewForm Digital, MiTu and Whistle Sports. Ginsburg Daniels Kallis LLP, which brought the two organizations together, will serve as a resource for both in the digital-hub initiative, which will seek to foster increased mutual understanding and collaboration between digital and linear unscripted-programming producers.

“This initiative brings opportunities to both producers and platforms,” said PactUS president David Lyle. “It helps to level the playing field, giving our members with strong backgrounds in linear television the necessary resources to compete in an evolving digital content marketplace. We are striving to restore this important sector of the dynamic independent production ecosystem back to financial health.”

Ginsburg Daniels Kallis Partner Phil Daniels added, ”We are excited by the coming together of traditional and digital players, and the opportunities for learning and collaboration that will come out of this initiative.  There will be a lot of value add created for all.”

“As the lines between digital and traditional producers continue to blur, an alliance between PactUS and GOVA will serve to strengthen the overall producer community,” said GOVA executive director Jon Taylor. “We look forward to collaborating with new colleagues in support of our mission to promote the growth and profitability of content in the digital space.”