SPOILER ALERT: Do not read ahead if you have not watched the Season 2 finale of “Outsiders,” titled “Unbroken Chain.”

“Outsiders” aired what could be its series finale this week, with the WGN America drama closing out with a high-pressure moment like the one we saw at the close of Season 1.

As the episode begins, a storm is brewing on Shay Mountain. G’Win is visited by the ghost of Lady Ray, while Big Foster and Little Foster make plans to blow up the military equipment the mining company wants deployed with the dynamite they stole in last week’s episode.

“G’Winveer and Big Foster are definitely at odds by the end of the season,” Gillian Alexy told Variety. “We’ve seen that her stance on protecting the mountain is more peace and love while his is the war mentality. There’s probably been a few things that have happened throughout the season that have made her question Big Foster, so by the end there is a battle for which way is the right way to lead the clan.”

The next morning, Hasil returns to the mountain and speaks with G’Win. He says he has returned to help the family, but he must go back to Sally Ann and their unborn child when his duty is done. Hasil previously tried to bring Sally Ann to live with him on the mountain, but G’Win told him it could not be. According to Alexy, it’s not likely that stance will have changed.

“There’s not a lot of time for Hasil to even broach the subject of bringing Sally Ann up, or if she would even want to at this point,” Alexy said. “I think the situation the clan finds themselves in at this point, which is so messy and complicated with the world down below, that I think G’win probably thinks bringing more attention and more of the outside world up the mountain is not the right thing. But then again, G’win might be more sympathetic to Sally Ann because she’s carrying a child and G’win is in the same predicament.”

Hasil goes to speak with Big Foster and his men, asking them about the dynamite they stole. They take him into their confidence and send him on a scouting mission to the alleged location of the military equipment at an old mine. Hasil is able to see that the machines are very real and could level the entire mountain.

Down in town, Wade continues his investigation into Haylie Grimes’ death. He knows that Matt Meyers is behind it, but he lacks any definitive evidence. Wade follows Meyers to a meeting with Gordon. Wade begins digging into Gordon’s past and discovers he is a wanted eco-terrorist. He confronts Meyers with this information, but Meyers says that Gordon is helping the federal authorities in an operation to catch the Farrells in the act of using the dynamite. Wade tracks down Gordon, who tells him that he has misled One Planet and the feds by telling him the Farrells are targeting the One Planet offices in town. He then tells Wade that he has all the information stolen off of Grimes’ computer, which he will share.

G’Win calls a circle and pushes to banish Big Foster, but Foster speaks his piece and tells everyone that the mining company is planning to bring their machines up the moment to kill them all. While G’Win enjoys some support, a number of key members of the clan side with Foster and want him to lead a raid on the coal company like he planned. The elders of the clan decide to let Foster lead his raid, but if any more Farrell blood is shed, he will be banished.

Big Foster sets out with Hasil, Little Foster, and Phil’up in tow among others. They make it within the perimeter fence at the old mine, but the guards inside quickly spot them and begin firing at them with assault rifles before they can plant any bombs. Multiple members of the Farrells’ raiding party are killed, with Hasil taking a shot through the stomach. Wade arrives just as the Farrells are retreating. He offers to take Hasil to a nurse, while Big Foster, Little Foster, and Phil’up escape.

The three remaining Farrells still have some dynamite and decide to blow up a dam near the mine instead. Big Foster agrees to light the fuse, saying if anyone else is to die it must be him. He is able to make it to a safe distance, but the dam doesn’t give. Just then, Elon’s ghost appears atop the dam and all three men see him. As Elon backs away from the edge, the dam begins to collapse and sends a massive torrent down toward the old mining site, flooding it and destroying all the war machines.

The next morning, Wade is dealing with aftermath of the dam explosion. Meyers shows Wade a map recovered from Little Foster’s prison escape that has Wade’s fingerprints on it, telling Wade his career is over. At Wade’s house, Hasil is not doing well. The nurse Wade called tells Ledda that he needs to be taken to a hospital or he will die. Outside town, Gordon is sitting in a bar, dropping a flash drive with all of his One Planet information into an envelope addressed to Wade.

Big Foster returns triumphant to the clan, saying the raid was a success. But G’Win disagrees, given that more Farrells have died. Big Foster lays claim to the oak, and fighting ensues among the family. In the midst of it all, G’Win says that she will pass the oak to the father of her child: Little Foster. As the fighting continues, G’Win goes into labor. Little Foster picks up the oak and says it has been a curse on the entire family and promptly snaps it over his knee. So why would G’Win give up her power after fighting so hard to get it?

“I think she knows that her child is coming soon. She’s going to busy with that,” Alexy said. “The responsibility of leading the clan is challenging enough without having to fight someone like Big Foster. I think that Little Foster is in a way is someone she thinks has very similar ideas as her as to how to lead the clan, but is also someone that is close to her so she can still be involved. And she has seen how the relationship between Little and Big has evolved, and she’s seen that he’s finally able to stand up to his father now. Perhaps this was something she was waiting for him to do all along.”

And while Season 3 is by no means a guarantee, Alexy has some storylines she would like to see explored if the show is picked up by another network or streaming service. “There’s so much more to explore with these characters in this world,” she said. “The potential is just endless. I’d like to see G’win have her ideology tested. What is something that would push her to her edge? I of course would like to see the relationship with Little develop a bit more and see where that takes us, and the very weird relationship with Big. I’d love to see how that goes as well. And I’d like to see her down in the town, and just see how that would change her world.”