Megyn Kelly Grills Alex Jones: ‘You Don’t Sound Very Sorry’

Megyn Kelly Alex Jones Info Wars
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Megyn Kelly pressed conservative firebrand Alex Jones on his access to President Trump, his unfounded conspiracy mongering and his growing following during the “Sunday Night” interview that drew fierce criticism of Kelly and NBC News.

Kelly repeatedly pushed Jones, the founder and chief host of the Infowars radio and online outlet, to offer a mea culpa for his past claim that the 2012 massacre of 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., was a hoax.

NBC News and Kelly defended the decision to feature Jones on her fledgling newsmagazine series, saying his rising influence made him worthy of scrutiny. Sandy Hook families and others countered that the segment would only spread what Kelly herself called views that “aren’t just offensive, they’re dangerous.” Sandy Hook families urged NBC to reconsider airing the interview. The NBC O&O station serving the Newtown area chose not to air tonight’s episode of “Sunday Night.”

Jones fanned the flames by releasing on Friday audio recordings of his pre-interview conversation with Kelly, in which she assured that she would not present him as a “bogeyman.” During the interview Kelly challenged him about his initial statements on Sandy Hook and his subsequent efforts to backtrack his claim. “That doesn’t excuse what you said about Newtown and you know it,” she scolded.


Megyn Kelly Alex Jones Info Wars Interview

Alex Jones Leaks Full Megyn Kelly Interview Ahead of NBC Broadcast

Kelly also grilled Jones about his assertions last year that Democrats were running a child sex ring out of a Washington, D.C. pizzeria and that employees of yogurt maker Chobani were involved in the sexual assault of a child. Kelly noted that legal threats in both of those instances forced Jones to issue an on-air retractions and apologies. “You don’t sound very sorry,” she said as Jones tried to explain why he agreed to apologize.

Kelly built her reputation during the past decade at Fox News as a sharp and tough interviewer. She joined NBC News earlier this year amid a shakeup at Fox News. With Jones, Kelly challenged his claims and credibility but never seemed to make Jones squirm.

The segment featured comments from a Sandy Hook parent who discussed getting death threats as a result of the conspiracy theory spread by Jones. Charlie Sykes, conservative writer and NBC News contributor Charlie Sykes decried Jones’ role in injecting “toxic paranoia into the mainstream of conservative thought.”

Kelly acknowledged the uproar over her decision to feature Jones in the intro to the segment. She emphasized his connection to President Trump as justification for giving him the platform of NBC’s air. “Alex Jones isn’t going away,” she said, noting that his YouTube channel has skyrocketed to 83 million views a month on average.

Jones tried to downplay his access to President Trump, but he admitted that Trump has called him to talk politics. The segment featured a number of quick cuts showing Jones fulminating about a topic and Trump using the same language just days later.

To underscore Jones’ influence in the White House, Kelly closed the segment by pointing to a recent email from President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence to supporters that included a link to an Infowars post. Kelly asserted that Jones at present is expanding his media operations. “Alex Jones goes into battle with a powerful ally,” she said.

“Sunday Night” featured two other segments, one about the growth of marijuana delivery business in California and the rising tide of American expatriates in New Zealand. The episode closed with a commentary from NBC News’ elder statesman, Tom Brokaw, decrying the Internet’s ability to spread hateful views.

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  1. Toni says:

    Creepy Kelly

  2. Sar says:

    Who wants to watch this type of program on a Sunday nite…if u hv had a nice weekend…why spoil it…ugh!

  3. Megyn Stupidity says:

    NBC, megyn , and Alex demonstrate how low journalism has stooped while becoming a farce. Why was it important for Brokaw to cover for NBC and megyn???? Advertisors will leave soon.

  4. Granted says:

    Yeah, like Jones should supplant her – LOL!

  5. Granted says:

    Another filthy sociopathic con that’s used shock and awe lies to get everyone’s attention. POS

  6. sean kennedy says:

    Megyn Kelly is the queen of egotistical arrogance!! One need not look any further than to surmise or fathom by watching the cunning manipulative Megyn, set up her ongoing underhanded deceptive question to her guest and her self-serving reasons for protecting women in her first interview debate. How stupid does NBC network believe that the TV audience will accept the self-seeking publicity scheming Megyn? It was embarrassing the way Megyn tried to use her venal obvious Machiavellian treacherous fake smile in trying to intimate Putin; it was a page from Saturday Night Life by Putin’s sharp reaction and response. It’s blatantly clear with her new hair cut and all the fake make-up which can’t hide her pompous, narcissistic arrogance including spelling her name, Megyn!! As oppose to being compared to other women with the spelling of Megan. One thing is for sure she can’t convince anyone of her professional so called talent because her insincere inability to act coupled with her phony smile in order to hide her ongoing selfish self-serving reason to replace the shoes of the honest Diane Sawyer or Barbra Walters! Lassie has better acting ability than she’s has including her lack and respect to the truth.

    • Granted says:

      While I don’t think much of Kelly, any halfwit can see that Jones is a psycho lying POS of the first order.

  7. Brenda says:

    Megan Kelly said that Charlie Sykes is a conservative writer for NBC news , he is NOT A true conservative at all , read his articles there is nothing conservative about them, he is just as fake as Megan Kelly is. No I do not believe everything Alex Jones reports , you take what you like and leave the rest . But at least Alex has the heart of a man that wants people to know what’s possible out there. Where as Megan Kelly’s only goal is to destroy conservatives and those who chose to be conservatives ……

  8. dollface says:

    Kelly is the kind of girl that would stick a knife in your back, kill your mother and sleep with your husband to get a job. Don’t believe her mass web of deception when it comes to reporting the news.

  9. A. Brophy says:

    Kelly can’t get eyeballs anymore and so needs controversy to get people’s attention because her abilities as a journalist are so lacking.

    Her sweet talking of Jones to get the interview was an embarrassment to her and to NBC.

    Chelsea Clinton could have done a better job interviewing Putin and Jones, and, at Chelsea’s former reported salary of $650,000 a year as an NBC correspondent, she would have been a bargain.

    Dump Kelly, Hire Chelsea!

  10. meow says:

    It was easy to look like a heavy hitter around the intellectual lightweights at fox, out in the wild with real journalists it’s alot tougher.

  11. Larry McEvoy says:

    Excellent interview of Megyn Kelly calling out the fake news and conspiracy champion Alex Jones. Good to see facts and objective news prevailing. Bravo Megyn.

  12. A. Brophy says:

    Cupcake Kelly’s whole segment on Alex Jones was an effort to smear President Trump by associating him with Jones. She *still* can’t get over Trump’s election and is growing increasingly obsessed and unhinged with “The Donald.”

    How long before Kelly starts leaving voicemails at the White House saying, “I won’t be ignored, Donald!”

    Kelly’s interview was a disorganized mess. Forbes had it right: She’s no journalist. What she is, is a cupcake with an axe to grind.


    • Seon cruise says:

      There is no need to make up false associations of Trump with Jones because the two nutjobs already are associates. You just don’t want that fact disseminated. Trump has long been peddling whacky conspiracy theories and it’s no wonder he finds a bus on buddy in fellow nutter Jones

      • A. Brophy says:

        I see the NBC interns are working overtime tonight, spraying perfume on the pile of manure Kelly aired on her third show.


  13. Sct says:

    She’s a weirdo. why does she insist on a flesh show.

  14. Holly Martin says:

    This was so edited–cam jumping back and forth. And they lamped him–made him sweat. Anybody in the business knows what was done. THAT gives credibility to this guy trying to initially offset the interview.. Big mistake to do the interview. She will lose her job with NBC soon. She doesn’t have it.

  15. Jim Jones says:

    She nailed it and so did Tom Brokaw at the end!

    • A. Brophy says:

      Yeah, sure…

      NBC wanted ratings and Cupcake Kelly wanted to smear Trump. So much for journalism – her interview was a disorganized mess and reeked of multiple re-edits.


  16. T. Grant says:

    I think she nailed it. She is a new national treasure and a very brave woman.

    • A. Brophy says:


      You know what comedians say about treasures…

      Cupcake Kelly’s not ready for prime time. She proved that in her interview with Putin and again in her interview with Jones.

      And the lip gloss, fake eyelashes and phony hipster personality ain’t gonna change that.


      • A. Brophy says:

        Not defending Jones. Exposing Kelly for the fake journalist that she is.

        You’re not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, are you?

      • Granted says:

        Jones is a POS and your repeated defense of him on this board makes you the same or his lover.

  17. cowgirldiva says:

    Megyn Kelly is not a journalist and must pimp herself out because shoes are getting more and more expensive…!! And, a girl just can’t have enough pairs of shoes…every Cosmo reader knows this…!!

  18. Jotzel says:

    Her edits were funny as hell cutting out all the things he said and making him look evil what a joke

    • Freddy says:

      I can’t make up my mind on what’s more repugnant and disease of society; Jones for spreading his hateful and hurtful fabrications, or the gullible and thoughtless people who support his company of lies to make him wealthy, all built on the tragedies and tears of his innocent victims who Jones immorally uses as cheap and disposable tabloid fodder.

    • punitenshu says:

      You don’t need to edit Alex to make him look evil. You just need to listen to what he says.

      Heck, he currently lies about his former position on Sandy Hook, and anyone can go and watch old videos where he espouses abhorrent views (not to be confused with having debates about having such views, which he sometimes claims he was doing).

      He also routinely describes half the country as brainless or libtarded, and then whines about the MSM dividing Americans.

      He also has no shame in exploiting childrens’ deaths to promote his narratives (the death of Ayzlee Mccarthy comes to mind)

  19. Erin says:

    Ms. Kelly is no more of a journalist than infowars. If she wants to intro him to a big audience and show both sides, why didn’t she interview his ex-wife who has quite a story re the custody of their children. That’s very recently been in the news but she left his life out of her “profile” of him. Doesn’t she have a news producer?

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