Noted lover of all things Boston, Matt Damon made a surprise appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Monday night, dressed in full Patriots regalia following the team’s Super Bowl victory.

Kimmel started the segment by introducing the QB: “He could have gone anywhere, but I got a call late last night. He flew all the way out here from Houston,” he said.

Damon surprised the audience by showing up instead, dressed in Brady’s No. 12 uniform. At first, Damon kept up the bit by pretending to be the Super Bowl champ.

“Why are you still in uniform?” Kimmel asked.

“I just haven’t had time to change because I’ve been fired up,” Damon replied. “I kinda don’t ever want to take it off.”

The bit was conceived as the latest in Kimmel’s ongoing feud with the actor. What started as a running gag where Kimmel apologized to his audience for bumping Damon for the show, has escalated into a series of one-upmanship of extreme proportions. This time around, when Kimmel convinced the poser to take of his helmet, the audience went wild.

“I won the Super Bowl and I won your stupid show,” Damon yelled.

Kimmel fired back: “Unless you’re on the couch, you’re not a guest on the show.”

Watch the full clip below: