Mary Tyler Moore, who died Wednesday at the age of 80, was an extremely influential actress and comedian who was viewed by many as an icon of women’s liberation and empowerment, encapsulated through her role in the 1970’s series “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” In the many interviews Moore gave during her decades-spanning career, she brought along her on-stage humor, wit, and fervency while speaking to hosts and journalists, including Oprah Winfrey and Barbara Walters.

Here are five of Moore’s interviews that show some of the pop-culture icon’s most enchanting qualities:

1. Moore surprises Oprah Winfrey during her tribute on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” in 1997

Moore had a laundry list of celebrity fans, but the moment she makes a surprise appearance on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and puts Winfrey to tears proves Winfrey may be one of her biggest fans of all. Winfrey sits down to discuss the impact Moore had on the host from the time she was a young girl, and even recreates the signature introduction of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” with herself in place of Moore.

2. Moore Sits Down with Barbara Walters for her “Interviews of a Lifetime” series

As is routine of the seasoned journalist, Walters asks Moore the personal questions, touching on topics from having a child at 19 to her off-screen relationships with her “Mary Tyler Moore Show” cast members. A year after the interview, Moore’s son, Richie Meeker, died of an accidental gunshot wound, and shortly after that, she and her husband Grant Tinker divorced, Walters explains at the end of the video.

3. Moore on Lucille Ball giving her “the greatest gift she ever received in the business”

In this interview with the Archive of American Television, Moore shares a moment when Ball — who was the landlady at the time on set of the “The Dick Van Dyke Show” — walked out of the studio and backtracked to give Moore what she calls “the greatest gift she ever received in this business.” “You’re very good,” Ball said to Moore, and then walked off. “I don’t think I have another moment that compares to the impact of those words,” Moore said.

4. Interview with Johnny Carson

Moore talks to Carson about the reasoning behind deciding to end “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and how she deals with stress as an extremely occupied actress.

5. Moore reunites with co-stars of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” on “Good Morning America”

The women of “The Mary Tyler Moore” show sat down with Katie Couric shortly after they had reunited on “Hot in Cleveland,” starring Betty White, who played Sue Ann on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” Moore and the cast talk about what it was like being able to act on the “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” together for the first time since it went off the air in 1977. “When I saw Mary Richards driving that Mustang to that TV station in Minneapolis, I thought ‘wow, I can have a career too,'” Couric shared with Moore during the interview.