Kristen Stewart dropped a profanity during her monologue on a particularly scathing broadcast of “Saturday Night Live” that lampooned not only President Donald Trump, but his senior advisor Steve Bannon and White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

“We’ve got a great show, and I totally care that I’m here because it’s the coolest f—ing thing,” the “Twilight” star said as “SNL” cast members Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant looked on, shocked. She quickly realized her error and said, “Oh my god, and I’m sorry, and Alessia Cara is also here and I’ll never come back.”

Watch the video below:

This marks the second time in two seasons that a host has unexpectedly uttered a profanity during a monologue. Last season, singer Ariana Grande said “Oh, s—“ after flubbing a song during her opening segments. The show typically edits out the profanity in time for a West Coast broadcast on NBC.

In the past, profanity on “Saturday Night Live” has not been rewarded. In February of 1981, cast member Charles Rocket improvised a response to host Charlene Tilton that included the word “f—,” an incident that went down in infamy. Featured player Jenny Slate inadvertently used a variation of that same word in her debut on the show in September of 2009. While she had a strong first year, and even established herself with a recurring character, she didn’t return to the program the following season.

“Saturday Night Live” was particularly raucous, with Alec Baldwin and Melissa McCarthy joining the cast to portray Trump and Spicer, respectively. The McCarthy sketch, in which she portrayed the White House spokesman as bordering on unhinged and spraying reporters with a super-soaker, was praised almost immediately on Twitter.