They may be up in the air, but that’s not where they belong.

During an attempted duet on “The Late Late Show” on Tuesday, Kristen Bell and James Corden paired up to perform the 1982 Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes hit “Up Where We Belong,” which started off nicely but ended unsuccessfully.

The pair began with some gentle banter about love. “You know Kristen, I was just thinking — love can be a funny thing,” Corden said. “You know, I love love, James,” Bell replied.

Corden added, “and I love love too, but love can lift us up,” introducing their duet that almost instantly went amiss.

Things began pleasantly as Bell began belting out the first verse, bringing out the chops she graced us with as Anna in the 2013 Disney hit “Frozen.” Yet as suspenders started lifting her up to the ceiling in front of the star-studded backdrop, Corden didn’t find as much success, having trouble getting off the ground.

As they sing the lyrics “the road lifts us up,” Corden finally begins to lift up, only to find Bell coming back down. Passing each other on different levels mid-air, they grab each others hands and attempt to pull each other up. “We’re supposed to be even,” Bell shouted. “Can you make us equal?”

As the song ended, Corden tried to find out who was to blame for the gaffe, but joked that it could be easily mended.

“We can fix it in post can’t we?” he said as the song began playing once again.

Watch the video below: