Sone of ESPN’s best-known personalities have in recent months made their way to Fox Sports. Now the Disney-owned sports giant is attempting to reverse the flow.

ESPN said Wednesday it had hired Katie Nolan, the popular host of Fox Sports 1’s “Garbage Time,” but did not offer details on her exact assignment. “She will have a prominent digital presence while also making appearances across ESPN studio programming. Announcements regarding her specific assignments are forthcoming,” the network said in a statement.

“Katie is smart, dynamic and brings to ESPN a fresh perspective and a great sense of humor. She is a rare talent and will represent our brand incredibly well as we continue to expand across the digital space,” said Connor Schell, executive vice president, content, ESPN, in a prepared statement.

Nolan is not the traditional ESPN hire. She has not logged hours on the sidelines of a football gridiron or spent years analyzing the ins-and-outs of Major League Baseball. She is best known for her experience in creating digital content, initially sparking notice with a blog she started before working in the media industry professionally. In the earliest part of her tenure at Fox Sports, she served as a digital correspondent for the Regis Philbin-hosted program, “Crowd Goes Wild.”  She recently hosted “NFL Films Presents” and has previously produced and hosted various digital videos for FoxSports.com, among other sites.

ESPN has recently placed more emphasis on digital video, and indicated after a large talent layoff in April that it was eager to embrace content that would be seen first on mobile screens. Its parent company, Disney, has already stated that it intends to launch a streaming service for sports content that will offer access to live games that will in all probability never be seen on the company’s flagship TV networks.

ESPN has lost a handful of its best-known personalities to Fox Sports in recent years, including Colin Cowherd and Skip Bayless.