HBO’s Paolo Sorrentino-directed miniseries “The Young Pope” is a visually opulent feast, an examination (per Sorrentino) of the solitude that comes along with power and a meditation on the nature of God. But with a title like that, and with Jude Law as the eponymous youthful head of the Catholic Church, it has naturally turned into one of the few fun things on Twitter these days.

Law does not have a real Twitter presence, and so had missed the first big wave of “Young Pope” Twitter memes, until various members of the press enlightened him, Law explained to reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour on Saturday morning in Pasadena, Calif.

“Having spent the last week in New York and here doing lots of press, I’ve become very aware,” he said. “I didn’t even know what a meme was. But they’re very funny and imaginative.”

Tweet volume does not actually correspond in a statistically meaningful way to TV ratings, but Law is looking at the deluge with an upbeat attitude. “I hope it will just provoke and prompt interest,” Law said, adding that screenings in Europe had large, young audiences, and memes tend to be the province of the young.

That interest is definitely there.

“The Young Pope” premieres this Sunday, Jan. 15, on HBO.