After coming under fire for ruffling Donald Trump’s hair instead of his feathers during a now-infamous episode of “The Tonight Show,” the comedian targeted the president-elect in his Golden Globes monologue.

Following a colorful, star-studded musical number mirroring the Ryan Gosling-Emma Stone film “La La Land,” the host of the 74th Golden Globe Awards made several jokes referencing Trump. Right off the bat, he reminded America that, though Trump won the electoral college, he lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes.

“This is the Golden Globes, one of the few places left where America still honors the popular vote.”

He then took another swing at Trump, this time bringing up “Game of Thrones” and Trump’s impending inauguration: “A lot of people wonder what it would be like if King Joffrey had lived. Well, in 12 days, we’re going to find out.”

Fallon also mocked Trump’s apparent struggle to line up A-list talent for his inauguration. Fallon brought up “Florence Foster Jenkins,” starring Meryl Streep as the woman who was considered the world’s worst opera singer, “And even she turned down performing at Donald Trump’s inauguration.”

He wrapped up with a reminder that the votes are tabulated by accounting firm Ernst & Young…”and Putin,” he quipped implying that the Russians could also hack the Golden Globes vote if they wished.

In 2014, Fallon started hosting “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” making him the sixth host of NBC’s long-running late night franchise. Prior to joining the “Tonight Show” legacy, Fallon spent several years hosting “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” starting in 2009. During his time at “Late Night” Fallon hosted the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards in 2010, which he executed to general acclaim. Fallon got his start on “Saturday Night Live” in 1998 and stayed there for the next six years.

When Fallon was tapped to host the 2017 Golden Globes in August, he reacted by tweeting, “I’m really looking forward to spending time with the Hollywood Foreign Press before Donald Trump has them all deported.”