Enduring martial arts star, Jackie Chan has unveiled “All New Jackie Chan Adventures,” a 3D animation series about Chinese morality and culture.

The 104-episode series is set to air in China on at least three children’s satellite TV channels and 200 terrestrial TV channels, including Hunan TV Children’s Channel, Jiajiakt, BTV’s Kaku Children’s Channel, JSTV’s Youman Children’s Channel and Toonmax TV.

The $6 million series is produced by Zhejiang Talent Television&Film Co. Ltd, Khorgas JJ Culture Media Co.,Ltd,, and VJ Animation Studio.

A previous series “Jackie Chan Adventures” was screened by Kids WB between 2000 and 2005 and played in 60 countries, including the U.S. T

he new series is said to have been produced to international standards. International co-operation has so far been agreed with Mondo TV, Bomanbridge, Rainbow, Shemaroo and MBC Group.

Story lines include Chinese etiquette, traditional virtues, learning good habits and discipline when growing up. These are said to mirror Chan’s own habits. And Chan appears at the end of each episode with encouragement and tips.

“With young children increasingly searching for new role models to look up, it is imperative that celebrities in China use their influence to help shape the values of today’s young Chinese children and indeed people in general,” said Chan.

The show was made after research primary school pupils in seven major Chinese cities, to identify preferences in terms of cartoon imagery, characters, background and plots.

At a briefing in Beijing on Thursday Chan also discussed business prospects through franchising opportunities in books, toys, clothing and food, stationery, games, household items and theme parks.