Donald Trump has been called many names, but perhaps never…Charlie Sheen?

Jack Black jokingly compared the president to Sheen during an interview at the Variety Studio presented by Orville Redenbacher’s at the Sundance Film Festival where the actor was on hand to promote his new film, “The Polka King.”

After discussing the movie — in which Black plays the polka sensation Jan Lewan who ran a Ponzi scheme — the conversation turned to politics when Variety asked about the Sundance Women’s March and Trump becoming president.

Black, who was joined at the interview by his co-stars Willie Garson, Jenny Slate, and Jacki Weaver and directors Maya Forbes and Wally Wolodarsky, spoke up about Trump’s “obsession with winning.”

“We’ve got to start thinking globally. We’re going to be working together, if we’re going to survive, if the human race, if this species is going to survive,” Black said. “Yeah, America first is fine, in terms of finances, but we’ve got to stop thinking that way. It’s not a Monopoly game where the rich billionaire wins the game. It’s about the world working together, and it’s got to happen soon.”

Then Garson chimed into the “winning” conversation. “This whole concept of winning, what do you mean winning? At the expense of what? Winning, implied, is someone losing…this is insanity,” he said.

“Who else has been talking about winning obsessively lately?” Black quipped. “Oh yeah. Charlie Sheen. When he was on crack.”

Garnering laughter from the cast and directors, Black — who was wearing a “Make America Rage Again” hat at the studio — added, “Where are we where the president and Charlie Sheen are on the same exact page?”

Watch the interview with “The Polka King” cast here (the full interview will be on Variety.com later):