ITV is the latest company looking to expand into the world of theme parks and location-based visitor attractions. Britain’s biggest commercial broadcaster has revealed that it is looking for a suitable site in Central London to build a mini-theme park that would feature immersive experiences as well as sets, costumes and props, taking fans behind-the-scenes of top shows, such as “Victoria” (pictured).

“As part of our business we have a team which operates experiential events around our programs, including the ‘Emmerdale’ Studio Experience and ‘This Morning’ Live,” a spokesperson for ITV said, referring to one of the broadcaster’s soap operas and its morning talk show. “[We] are always looking at new ways to expand this and bring in new program brands.”

A brochure on the proposed project, titled “A place for drama to live in London,” says that ITV is seeking a 20,000-square-foot site that could incorporate a restaurant and a 100-seat auditorium for “immersive cinematic presentations.” It hopes the attraction would bring in 250,000 visitors per year, giving them the chance to see sets and artifacts from their favorite ITV shows. Planning is in the early stages, but ITV is targeting a 2018 launch for the attraction.

ITV’s “Emmerdale” interactive experience, based on the long-running soap opera, includes a 90-minute walking-tour of the outdoor set in Leeds and an 80-minute tour of the studio sets.

One of ITV’s biggest hits, “Downton Abbey,” is already the subject of an immersive touring exhibition from NBCUniversal International Studios and Imagine Exhibitions. The exhibition launched in Singapore in June and will reach the U.S. next year. However, there are currently no plans for it to stop in the U.K.